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Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Gooey wrote:

The best thing about this game is the fishing hole. You get to fish, and annoy this woman at a counter. For me, that is the highlight of the game. I love the game except Tiki hogs the Wii, and says he absolutely has to defeat the final boss 15 times. But I got further in the game than Hoogi, and now I have turned into a wolf thrice and met this funny looking imp who is sarcastic but much better than Navi from LoZ:OoT. Navi tells you things that you already know, and she has a squeaky voice. At least Kaepora wasn't your companion for life in that game. *shudders*

SRT wrote:

I'm a Zelda fan. I'm a Nintendo fanboy. I could just say, this game is teh PWN, quote unquote. Instead I will list all of the good points of the game. 1. ITZ ZELDA!!!1! 2. LIEK, HI-TECH NEW WII CONTROLS. 3. KEWL STORY *insert longwinded babbling here* ...875. THE DARKNUTZ HAVE GOOD HAIR!!!!1! And that's it.

YellowKirby wrote:

Iím a little picky with games, especially games like this, so I was a bit unimpressed with the beginning. However, when you turn into a wolf, the fun begins. It has great characters, nice graphics, and an awesome storyline. Unfortunately, Blue Pichu has to hog the Wii with other games. I can see why it was named best game of 2006. However, the best part of the game is turning into a wolf and freaking out the people in Hyrule Town. This is a must buy.

Hoogiman wrote:

Zelda is basically just an epic game. The challenges are hard and the tasks are fun and the wii basically brings a great new meaning to the Zelda series with the integration of the wii remote. The general depth of this game is very... depthful and I must say this is one of the best games in the Zelda series I have played. Fun to play but also as a spectator fun to watch in the sense that you're not actually laughing at someone else, unlike the watching value of most minigame collections.Playablenessability: 14/12 (Semi-acheivement: More than 12!1)

Replay Value: 4/6. Although tiki has been insane enough to attempt this game a second time, doing it around the first time feels so fulfilling that you probably don't want to play it again. Good to pick up

The ... factor: 2/2 EEWZ MIDNA

The Jazz: 4/4, very nice ambient/epic/adventurous soundtrack. I could have sworn some Kirby music was used in there but I guess the score is so diverse it's just so... awesome.

The 'Overprotective Parents Factor': 2/2. Parents, be WARNED! This game may inspire your children to KICK A ROUND BALL! So lock them in if they have a sudden urge to go outside, or socialise.

Overall: 26/26 = The cream of the crop, the best game you'll play for the Wii until brawl. Or maybe galaxy? Note it is possible to get over a score of 26, maybe that may happen for Brawl. Or Far Cry Venegance.

Hoogiman wrote:

The twenty minutes I got to play of this game when Tiki wasn't playing were pretty good. I mean, that travelling around on a horsie, and herding those sheep and what not were like, a highpoint of my gaming life. If I could do that again, I might actually. :|

Bob the fanboy wrote:

Well, the magazines say it's really good, so I guess because I can't form my own opinion about anything, Zelda Rules!

PS3 Fan:

I'd rather take out twelve mortgages on the house I own to buy a PS3 than have that for free!

Wait... damn... I've already taken out those mortgages... well no food for this week!

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