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Just some fun nintendo-related videos found on the fun site of Youtube. For Youtube-ish queries and video sharing/spam, contact us on the forums!

Page 2!

Neil Kart 64! It's still more intelligent than half of the movies on the page. :jig:

The Nintendo Office: Third place in the Nintendo Short Cuts film contest, but I thought this was the bestest! (Though I haven't seen them all. :jig:)

Good vs. Wiivil: The winner of the Nintendo Short Cuts film contest thing! Very swell, amusing and clever! :jig:

Nintendo Wii Rejected Game Concepts: What it says on the tin. Some very humorous, some potentially quite offensive. Viewer discretion advised.

Mario's Tea Party: If you don't like this flash animation, I don't think you'll like any flash animation. Please don't leave the site because of this. :o

Wii Accident: Just watch until the end: the ending is nowhere close to what you think happens. Also, it is quite hillarious.

Kid Icarus in real life?

Wii Launch! A Japanese News Segment on the release of the Wii. Probably worth checking out if you're thinking of getting a Wii but don't want any of that English buyer jargon and just want to see people being happy to play the thing. It's in Japanese and you probably won't understand it, but yay, life size costumes of Luigi! :jig:

Singlehandedly the best Nintendo Video in existence. If you haven't watched this, you have missed out on something special. Some people sing the Nintendo songs in A Capella. I think Razzkat posted it in the forums quite a while ago. Enjoy!

Pikachu!: The voice actor for Pikachu goes onto some Japanese talk show. Hilarity ensues, I guess?

WarioWare Smooth Moves, some guy doing the dance boss on Super Fast mode thing. Hilarity ensues.

Nintendo 64!

Wii Warnings! Warning: Australian Humour = Language Not Suitable for sensitive ears



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