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Just some fun nintendo-related videos found on the fun site of Youtube. For Youtube-ish queries and video sharing/spam, contact us on the forums! Last Update: January 25th, 2012

Mario Kart: The Movie, possibly one of the best fan-made films/trailer thingies I've ever seen. Really cool Toad impressionista being features. Watch it. Warning: Cheesy midi music

This video is really funny and you'll laugh until you realised that you just wasted ten minutes of your life. >:C

Best Video EVAR. You need to watch it to see it.

If Super Smash Brothers was an anime... anyway... I need to scratch my eyes out now, so excuse me...

Kirby sings!

Some random Pokemon thing on some random sitcom! :jig:

It's the Nintendo Powerpad!

Playing Wii Sports is pretty hard.

All I can say is... LOL

Another homemade live Mario performance thing. Really awesome, I guess?

Nintendo Virtual Reality: Some stuff happens with virtual reality on Nintendo. Cool stuff. Cool live action. (Wow, I'm so descriptive, Thanks YK!) :jig:

Some guy sings to Miyamoto. Wow.

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