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Reviews for Wii Play

Gooey wrote:

Wii play IS forgettable, definitely. It doesn't really have any outstanding points, and also, the games are easy to get bored of. Unless you find it funny that your Miis are being carried away by aliens.

YellowKirby wrote:

I don’t get why people are so obsessed with this game! I was excited when I bought it, but ‘Find Mii’ was the only entertaining game. However, I do like the game’s use of Miis.

Hoogiman wrote:

Wii Play is quite a forgettable game, but nice fun when you first pick up the Wiimote. An absolute novelty, you could probably only be able to play it every few weeks or so. But hey, it's remote training, so it's good for beginners (although I would say WarioWare built up all of my Wiimote skills). :jig: Playablenessability: 7/12

Replay Value: 2/6

The ... factor: 2/2 It's nice family fun, and there's nothing there that would want you to send your children to Cuba. Or if you're Cuban, there's nothing there that would want to send your children to the North Pole.

The Jazz: 2.5/4, Nice music, but quite new age and probably not for metalheads.

The 'Overprotective Parents Factor': 2/2 Unless you object to the outrageous long hair on your child's Miis (which is clearly inconsiderate and rude), you overprotective parents will be fine, and the worst thing they could do from this game is perhaps aspire to be a table tennis player.

Overall: 15.5/26 = Not Worth It: It's quite a forgettable game, but about fifteen minutes of (practically) free fun as it comes with your Wiimote.

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