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Reviews for WarioWare: Smooth Moves

YellowKirby wrote:

Having owned all of the Warioware games, I very much enjoyed this game. Itís easy to beat, but it has a high replay value to try and get a high score. Also, if you watch the player and not the TV, it is just pure gold!

Hoogiman wrote:

I have to say, this is the best Wii game I have played to date. It is just so uberly awesome and has so much replay value that it's like the ultimate games package. For those unfamilliar with the 'WarioWare' series, the basis is to perform many little under five seconds tasks, or 'microgames' using the wiimote. It sounds pretty stupid but once you combine it together with other 'microgames' it is addictive and very hard to stop playing. Especially fun if making yourself look like a fool in front of your friends. Playablenessability: 12/12

Replay Value: 6/6, You can basically pick it up and have a barrel of fun all of the time. Although make sure you have liek, full batteries, otherwise it looks like you're bad. And if you have full batteries but you're doing badly, pretend that they're on low, replace and hope that you do better the second time! Works like a charm! Back to the replay value, there are many cool unlockables that you should probably find out for yourself and such!

The ... factor: 1/2, There are some slightly disturbing things in there that may make you cringe. A lot. It's even worse when those 'immature humour' microgames keep on looping when you're playing in front of other people, giving them the wrong impression about Nintendo as a whole.

The Jazz: 4/4, Cool soundtrack, one of the best in a game evar, as well as shiny sound effects and little tinklings and candy coming out of the remote.

The 'Overprotective Parents Factor': 2/2, Well, the kids need some exercise, and there's this little exercising thingy that makes you sweat a bit if you play it for long enough. And nobody swears, and nobody smokes cigars or plays wild board games like 'Twister'. However, there is some disco dancing in there. With cats. You were warned.

Overall: 25/26 = Rawk! Wow, what a 'little snippet' I wrote there. :|

Gooey wrote:

This game is the best game ever made! Sure, you might be really frustrated if you can't beat Penny, but heck, it's worth it. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves has so much immature humour that you'll actually have fun! Music is great, 10/10 for that one.

The highlight of this game for me was probably the music. It's great! Not only that, but there are dancing kittens who are rivals with some dancing dogs, there's a sarcastic young witch, and there's an unlockable game where you're a flying bird sticking out his tongue and offending flies! This game is a must have.

My top ten things for this game:
1. Music
2. Pyoro S
3. The Final Boss
4. Penny's Boss
5. The style of art used
6. Kat and Ana
7. 9 Volt
8. Kat and Ana's Mexican Wave Microgame
9. The animation when you lose Kat and Ana's Mexican Wave Microgame
10. Ashley's Microgame where you steal a dog's bone

Note that when I played the final boss super fast 18 times in a row I got really sweaty. A+ for activeness. So buy this game.

SRT wrote:

The games are fun, with good control, very realistic control. Not the best WarioWare, excellent multiplayer, however. It's pretty good, overall.

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