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The Smashy Amazing Race

Join eleven teams of two Smashers in a race around the Nintendo Universe! Written by Hoogiman in 2006-2007! The writing quality is a bit geh in the first few legs, but nonetheless, enjoy! (Last updated: 9th September 2007)

If you want to jump ahead, go: here! Statistics are here! :jig:

The Episodes/Legs:

Leg One: Meet the teams, and see their strengths and weaknesses in handling their tasks for the first time! Who will win? Who will lose? Click here to read!

Leg Two: Teams travel to Sauria and experience local tasks such as stealing dinosaur eggs and transporting stones! Click here to read!

Leg Three: Teams go to Corneria! What happens when a detour involves two death-defying tasks? And when teams have to sell posters of themselves, what problems will occur? Click here to read!

Leg Four: Teams go to Hyrule! What happens when teams have to travel by horse to Hyrule? And will teams cope with the challenge of drinking milk?! Click here to read!

Discussion Thread! Warning: Spoilers!


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