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Reviews for Mario Strikers Charged

Hoogiman wrote:

Mario Strikers Charged as itself a very good game. The ball gets charged up by the passing of the ball and the shooting of the ball at the goal. The more the ball gets charged up, the easier it is to score. Uh... yeah... that's a good feature of the game. The special abilities are cool, some more powerful than others and the Super Strikes also may be slightly overpowered.

The gameplay is very sweet, and action-packed. I would say it is the best game for Wii so far gameplay-wise. The one player mode is frustrating, but the local multiplayer is possibly the best in a wii game so far. Also, the internet gameplay is dodgy, but that may be because 1) our internet is slow by international standards and 2) nobody else from Australia plays when I do. :/ But it's great. :jig:Playablenessability: 12/12

Replay Value: 6/6. The 1P mode leaves just the tiniest bit to be desired. The cups are frustrating, but rewarding in the end. The missions are challenging, and good for a change from the normal games. But if you have a second nunchuk and a brother/wii buddy, the replay value for local vs games is the BEST SO FAR in a wii game, and probably will be until Brawl comes.

The ... factor: 1/2, Waluigi in latex/lycra is very disturbing, and Wario's special ability is just stupid.

The Jazz: 4/4, nice football/soccer-like fitting music.

The 'Overprotective Parents Factor': 2/2. Parents, be WARNED! This game may inspire your children to KICK A ROUND BALL! So lock them in if they have a sudden urge to go outside, or socialise.

Overall: 25/26 = Awesome, possibly the best wii game to date. I might write some dodgy team combos/guides on the site but maybe not. AWESOME!1

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