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SRT wrote:

My favorite is definetly bowling. The best bowling in a Wii game, better than Monkey Ball and Mario Party bowling. The other sports are good as well, very fun to play with others. A great freebie game.

YellowKirby wrote:

I know that a lot of people are raving about it, but I just wasn’t impressed. Good game to start your Wii experience on, but after a while, the only interesting game is baseball. Not very good.

Hoogiman wrote:

Wii Sports is a pretty swell game; probably the best introduction to the Wii. You have the choice of playing five sports: Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and Tennis. All of the games have nice, refreshing, calming graphics, and all of them are fairly simple to use. This is another 'very good when you play it around other people' game, heightening the fun greatly when everyone is laughing at the bad shot you make. Perhaps slightly lame for people who don't have anyone who wants to play Wii Sports with them, but nonetheless, blarg. Playablenessability: 11/12

Replay Value: 3.5/6. This is not really a game that you can play for hours on end, for it to be enjoyable you really need people around you to laugh at your expense/people around you that you can laugh at. But if you blend it in with other games and don't play it more than half an hour a go, you should be fine with this swell package.

The ... factor: 2/2, This game is so cute that there is nothing that can make you cringe about it. Except for maybe the guy that says 'nice on', 'nice shot' or 'nice hit' every time you play Bowling or Golf.

The Jazz: 2.5/4, Nice music, but quite new age and probably not for metalheads.

The 'Overprotective Parents Factor': 2/2, I think the overprotective parents will actually enjoy it more than the children. There is nothing violent in this game, except for possibly the swinging of the baseball bat, an absolutely horrifying sporting object that induces violence within young children and is the only cause of violence in the whole country. But if Baseball bats don't bother you, then go for it.

Overall: 21/26 = Quite Swell, if you have an attention span. If you are an 8 year old kid seeking violence, I'm sorry, there's not much here. :|

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