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Pre-Game Wrap: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!

This page is basically for pre-release date reviews of games (in Australia, it might be out in your fancy-pants European country). Or alternatively, it's out but we haven't bought it. Be warned, there will be a lot of judgement on the cover of the book here.

November 15, 2007

Hoogiman wrote:

I think this could be one of the best pick up and play games out there for the wii. Yes, an assorted minigame collection has been done many times before for the wii (In fact, I'd say about half the wii games I've played are minigame collections). But I think this game will work because of two things:

1: it's sports! And it's not the sucky kind of Wii Sports kind of sports, it's hardcore track and field and dream fencing.

2: Franchise dumping! Who cannot resist your favourite Mario characters... and... Sonic together in a game? I mean, yayz Sonic? Calpurnia, we require a cleanup!

While it may not be the most groundbreaking game, the novelty of having Mario and Sonic in the same game will be cool for a while, the gameplay looks decent but repetitive (hey, you can beat any challengers who are a n00b at the wii) and for quasi-sports fan, this is the most sports-like thing for the wii out yet!

And franchising is good. Heck, I'd buy Mario 2D pong without any wii remote controls if random 3D graphics of Bowser and Mario popped up all over the screen.

These screenshots arenot as exciting assome of the gameplay I've seen

Also, I like the whole idea of having like potentially seven AI battling you at the same time. Although they're just going in a freaking line and it probably wouldn't take a genius to program such a thing, I don't believe there's anything yet for the wii that you can go full out against multiple AI people for. And four player split screen track with four AI would just be sweet. It's all about competitiveness.

Mario Galaxy (November 4)


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