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Reviews for Open Season

Gooey wrote:

Generally, you don't expect much from games based on movies. Occasionally, you get something like Lego Star Wars, which is superb. And this game? Tell me about it. Hoogi was too scared to actually play this game because of its kiddiness, even though half of the instructions I can't understand. (Remember, I'm better then you. *laughs evilly*) I haven't completed the game, sadly, but I played a fair bit of it, and I watched the movie. Like most movie based games, they cut out all of the important stuff. Sort of like the Harry Potter Movies. (In the fourth movie, they cut out the part where Hermionie grew buck teeth. Shame, shame, shame.) The highlight of this game is the fact that you get to throw wildlife at each other. A+ for violence. Anyway, there's actually a part of the game where you are supposed to fuel yourself up on sugar. Now that's what I call a good message to the public!

Buy this game for the sake of it, even though there's no point. (Why do you have a Wii then?) Hoogi Reply: So you can play good games on it? Like not Open Season?

Hoogi wrote:

Unless you thought the movie was the pinnacle of modern animation, your kids have the Elliot and Boog posters over the walls and run fansites on the internet, you should probably give this game a big miss.


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