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"One Sentence Fic"

This is another group effort by the forumz members. This has a bit more order to it, basically, each reply only contains one sentence except for the thirtieth reply, which can take as many sentences as the author pleases. This means that hopefully as more of these are made, it gets trickier for the last person to post as there are more loose ends made before the last post. Yeah. Enjoy!

Note: Content edited for minor changes for editorial purposes.

One Sentence Fic I

Yoshi woke up, tied and bound inside a large, condensed wooden crate. Yoshi discovered that the barrel was chocolate and the restraints were licorice. He consumed the assorted high quality candy, but then noticed something very awkward about the situation: the room that he was in had walls of Chuppa Chups, a ceiling of licorice and a floor of highly concentrated caramel!

Yoshi attempted to eat through the sugarry walls, but realized that he had no teeth. Yoshi tried to find his teeth to no avail. Yoshi decided to claw his way through instead, but he discovered that a mystery assiliant had chopped his hands off. He started to gobble up some of his own blood, but he realised it was not a jelly-like candy, but in fact: blood.

As Yoshi tried to come to grips with his own limbless self-cannibalism, a concealed strawberry-flavoured door swung open and Kirby strode in, looking quite pleased with himself. "How could you do this to me?" screamed Yoshi in agony, shaking his arms in an attempt to loosen the ropes as Kirby edged closer and closer, licking his lips. Kirby ignored Yoshi's screams of protest, and took something out of the black trenchcoat he was wearing. Yoshi's eyes widened in horror when he saw what it was: A twelve-disc DVD set containing 134 hours of Jerry Seinfeld's standup comedy routine.

"NOOOOO!!!!" screamed Yoshi in agony, waving his face around wildly as Kirby neared closer with the dvd in hand.

His ears ran away because they didn't want to hear comedy so bad it made my comedy jealous.

"I will never forgive you for what you have done," said Kirby in a sadistic voice, inserting the disc into a dvd player and using a locking device so that Yoshi's head was always facing the screen.

134 hours later...

"NUUUEZ!1" screamed Yoshi as the halfway point in the DVD boxset played, "Anything but this, Kirby, anything but this!"

Kirby ignored Yoshi's screams as he put the rest of the dvd in with one hand, and bitch-slapped Yoshi with the other. But then in a moment of hope, a large figure busted his way through the biscuit walls and stomped his way into the room, glaring down at Kirby angrily.

"Kirby," demanded Bowser angrily as he marched into the room, "you'd better apologise for stealing that ice cream!"

Yoshi ate Bowser who was probably his only hope, then stole the rest of Kirby's ice-cream, even though he was supposed to be tied up. Yoshi choked as Kirby stared angrily, holding a licorice whip in one hand.

"First you leave the fridge open, and now this!" said Kirby, "I'm going to have to stop you for good, Yoshi!" Yoshi gulped as Kirby muttered, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to deal you the severest punishment for this..."

"I'm going to make you read this comic!" cried Kirby, pointing to a cruelly erotic VGcats comic.

Yoshi cried moans of awkwardness, his tears bucketing down onto the chocolate floor as he sobbed of awkwardness.

Suddenly, a flotilla of rabid Canadian ninja pirate ghost cowboy clown goats burst onto the scene.

"WE'RE HERE TO SAVE YOSHI!" their leader shouted, and Yoshi gasped hopefully.

But then an army of American Samurais with their fancy rocket-propelling tanks ran in and exclaimed, "WE'RE HERE TO KILL YOSHI... ....AND THE CANADIANS!1"

"NUUEZ!" shreiked the Canadian's, for they knew that despite that they had bacon, not even their army's of homosexual pigs could even dare to defeat the american slim- err... I mean, army. Then the American Army released their nuclear bomb. The plane carrying them wasa flying over Wyoming, however. Everyone in Wyoming died. "Meh," The Canaidian Amry said and surrendered. THen all of the body heat in the room melted the choclate and everyone suffocated.

THE END. (Published 27th October, 2007) :jig:


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