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This is the page for slightly less work safe Nintendo-related videos, ones that involve swearing and/or small amounts of obscenity! This is for you, the irregular 12 year-olds who get high on violence/swearing in videos! Enjoy!

Last Update: 25th January, 2012, everything on this page is NSFW!

Groose: Grooseward Gourd. It's a cartoon about Groose from Skyward Sword. And uh... wut... ...yeah...

Star Fox TV Show!

Legend of Link's Distractions. A cute little parody on all of the Zelda games. And when I mean cute, I mean ceee-yooote. (Warning: Previous description gives no actual description of video content).

Dr. Mario With Lyrics. What if the Dr. Mario theme tune had lyrics?!

BEST VIDEO GAME EVER?! I think this is the newest taker of the title 'best video on youtube evar...' another one from that Toby guy!

Super Mario Frustration! Part one of the series! Mindless and hilarious entertainment!

Super Mario Galaxy is a Murder Simulator

Luigi in the real world! Seriously the best video we've ever had on this page. Full stop. Hilarity ensues. Watch it. NSFW!1

German Super Mario Song. Will I be punished because I laughed at this? NSFW, just in case.


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