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Game Review: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

By Hoogiman

Graphics: B+

Nothing absolutely spectacular, but nothing bad either. The modelling is cute and lovely to look at and the game is somewhat enhanced by the graphics. No outstanding final touches are contained, but nor are there any glitchy Far Cry Venegance-y graphics. A good pack of graphical fun indeed, yes, yes.

Gameplay: A-

While this game could be beaten and forgotten in an hour if you played it by yourself, if you have other people around you: great! I have to say this is the best multiplayer wii action I've experienced so far, and it can be shown to anyone as an introduction to the wii.

This is the first real time you can really have that SSB-like fuming competitiveness against someone else playing on the Wii, and if you're of equal ability, boy are those races close.

The game thrives in its shallow nature. Whilst all of the actions require repetitive movements of some sort: one, it illustrates the athletic repetitiveness of olympic sport and two, it really builds your abs! Awesome.

But if it's just you... ...then you can row a couple of times... and that's it? Get it for rental if you're by yourself. (1P: B+, 2P+: A)

Sound: A

Cute menu music, great 'you've won' music. While the music is quite repetitive (in that all of the events share three or four music tracks), I've bumped it up to an A due to that amusing sound byte of Toad saying 'foul' every time you misjump/misclear/whatever. Good fun.

It's also very fitting for its athletic Sonic-y kind of nature. If there was rave music, it wouldn't really help you when you're concentrating on figuring out which ways you have to shake the wii remote.

Replay Value: A-

Okay, while it is quite a shallow game, I can stand about twenty minutes every week or so. You'll make your sixty bucks' worth on random replays of events.

Fun: A+

It's just fun.

Overall: A-

Basically, the best multiplayer action for the wii yet, and just an average game for those by themselves.

If you're a...

Hardcore Gamer: Not really, even if you have a violent game-loving friend in with you. Though if your parents/strange uncle/clueless uncultured girlfriend wants to play a game with you on the wii (ACTUALLY WHY DO YOU HAVE A WII?!) then by all means, buy this game! Fun, fun, fun!

Hardcore Nintendo Fan: While I do think that more Sonic fans will get this, this still is awesome for you. BUY

Hardcore Sonic Fan: BUY BUY BUY (but you already have, haven't you)

Overprotective Fundamentalist Christian Parent: There are no contact sports, nor will there be any suggestion of attraction to the opposite sex, different religions or freedom of thought in this game. You're quite safe!

Smash Mansioner: GET IT. >:C


Use a nunchuk. I think the investment of a second or third nunchuk is worth it if you want to experience it in its multiplayer goodness. Four-player 100 metre sprint is freaking awesome.

Don't play alone. It sucks.

If you want your all-round character to be worth it, try initiating a circuit against your Sonic/Bowser-abusing foe.


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