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This is a section for links to various Nintendo, gaming and Earn $50,000+ pw sites. If you would like to add a link, swap links or bribe us to add a link, send some mail to us. As you see, we probably need some Links to put in the Links section. Updated: 14th December, 2008

Nintendo Links:

  • The Wii. Find out about it and stuff.
  • IGN. It's a place for finding out about games and stuff.
  • Mario Monsters. A lot of detailed info on the monsters in the Mario games.
  • Wii-Friendly Browsing Site: Mywiicenter.com What can I say? This site is just rad rad rad? It's got heaps of games, movies and fun stuff you can do on your wii! Huzzah! Check it out!
  • Wii Users. A seriously good resource for things to do with the wii, and it looks very shiny.

Gaming Links: