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Fics With a Minisite!

The Smashy Amazing Race

FF.Net Hosted Fics!

The Smashy Amazing Race: Season Four! by Hoogiman
The fourth in the series of The Amazing Race madness! It has your favourite teams: Sonic, Bowser, the Ice Climbers, these and more characters aren't included!

The Smashy Amazing Race: Season Three! by Hoogiman
The third in the series of Amazing Races! Join 12 teams on a race around the world!

The Bootleg Smashy Amazing Race, by IStalkKirby
ISK's TAR Fic! 11 teams race around and stuff... Samus and Game and Watch?!?!?

The Quest for the Pulpless Orange Juice, by Razzkat
Marth, Link and Roy embark on a quest to the... grocery store?!

25, by Hoogiman and Tikitikirevenge
Everybody dies, Nobody is perfect, Anybody has secrets, Somebody has a deadly one. 25 people are about to discover just how mortal they are…

The Smashy Amazing Race, by Hoogiman
Join eleven teams on a race around the Nintendo universe! Several references to milk!

Snake in a Box, by Razzkat
Link has become best friends with the new Smasher, Snake! The only problem is that Snake is very, very dead. That’s okay, though. He’s still a pretty cool guy.

Cold Turkey, by ACT II
The Smashers are addicted to gummy worms so the hands trick them into going on a reality show where they go cold turkey!

Jigglypuff Roasts People, by ACT II
Jigglypuff has a show where she roasts people!

Winter Days, by Tikitikirevenge
People do some stuff.

Inverstatue, by Eternal Smasher
Have any of you ever wondered...whenever you look in the mirror...is it more than a reflection? I did. And Inverstatue is the result of my wondering.

Age of Denial, by Crystalicios
There was a very pregnant, strained silence. Young Link wanted answers, and knew he would probably get them if it weren’t for Nana.

Fun With Mirrors, by Gooey
[TP]Not containing Link x Ilia. May contain Link x Ilia. Link and Ilia hate each other. I like waffles. Note: If you haven't played the game you won't know what I'm talking about. Also contains spoilers. Maybe Link x Ilia.

Unrequited Love, by Hoogiman
The smashers are in one giant vicious circle of unrequited love.

SSB Jurassic Park, by ACT II
The Smashers go to a dinosaur theme park/zoo thing.

Achievement Unlocked, by IStalkKirby
Ness attempts to play games or something but then we forget about it in the end! Some people go on a quest!!!!

Crazy Crazy Mansion, by Hoogiman
Crazy Hand gets control of the Mansion. Ouch.

Destination of Smash, by Yellowkirby
In Yellowkirby's cheesy 80's sci-fi like debut fic: a string of mysterious deaths occur whilst Pichu has a series of strange visions!1

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