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E3 Wrap Up!

Over a series of short articles, guest author Hoogiman will pretend to know something about the gaming industry as he looks at the 2010 E3 Conference.

So if you're on this website, you probably play games. Probably Nintendo games. What you might not realise is that people actually work behind the scenes countless hours to get these games to your gaming console/TV! That's right, Mario and Yoshi unfortunately aren't tiny living creatures inside your screen who jump around at your command. These games are created by people. Like, in REAL-LIFE.


Sorry you had to find out this way, but you had to learn the truth eventually.

These people, who are also known collectively as an organisation called Nintendo also sometimes talk about the games they make. And sometimes they announce what games they're going to release instead of... dumping something on the shelf and hoping people will actually buy it.

One place Nintendo and all the major gaming companies go to is E3, a big gigantic trade show/conference. This is to create some hype and get the fanboys salivating over what's coming out in six/seven months and to get them to post it on their blogs and to all of their friends on facebook, who then get incredibly annoyed. Haha, get it? I just made a joke... ...gamers don't have friends... oh wait... gamers are probably the only people reading this article... *nervously adjusts tie*

So to get an idea of what the E3 expo is... you simply need to read the front page of their website. (You see I linked it to the Nintendo section because of my huge bias towards their console or maybe because my parents don't let me play games with real bloooood! *cries* ...I'm 9 and sonick is the best charactrr evar!1)


"E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is an annual video game industry trade show that takes place in Los Angeles, California. It’s the industry’s largest, most exciting event, and on e3.nintendo.com, you can feel like an E3 attendee!"

That's right... 100 percent of the drool... 0 percent of the awkward stares you get from people when your saliva has short-circuted the only prototype from about $11 million dollars of research.

But watching the videos is never as good as the real thing: here are great perks to actually attending such a conference.

-You get to play games and stuff early (seriously... brawl... months before release...) in real-life!
-You get to meet awesome (pictured below) vidja game characters in real-life!
-You get to see awkward reactions to awful-looking games in real-life!


But... the most important part of this conference is that new games are actually announced for the first time there! Yeah, remember when Brawl came out? Everyone was like "daaa" and then stared at the screen and then everyone's clothes got ruined because there was drool everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

So a quick peek at some of their announcements:
-The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword: Zelda in a new art style, extremely attractive visuals and game play and ooh I'd like to marry this game! :jig:
-Kirby's Epic Yarn™: Any Kirby game is good news, but 'Epic Yarn'?! I don't think there's anything wrong with sticking with the traditional art style of Kirby which is awesome and cute and fuzzy. Looks like there's 2-player mode which is awesome and which we haven't seen the likes of since... ...Gooey?! 08gooey.gif
-Wii Party: kill. me. now. I think miis are a cool idea right up until they started including them in games. NO WAIT they were NEVER cool EVER. I just hope this game and that game don't have children and then make something like... OH GOD IT'S TOO LATE

Anyway, besides from some occassional travesties, Nintendo's E3 announcements are usually nice and strong and keep the fanboys happy! Hurrah!

Join us next time on the E3 Wrap-Up for in-depth thoughts about Nintendo's game announcements!

And we look at *gasp*... ...other systems?! (if the Australian Internet filter ever lets me look at anything over a G-rating)

I will leave on this note: 08gooey.gif

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