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"Le Story Numero Uno"

This was the first Community Fanfic in the Community Fanfic forum. Basically, somebody would start the story and then someone else would continue. Wow.

(Hoogiman) Kirby was sitting on a park bench, eating an ice-cream. As he chewed his way through the cone, he noticed, lying on the ground, a box of donuts. As he reached down to get the donuts, he saw...

(Gooey) ...a fat guy in a bikini. He dashed towards the evil man and kicked him! The scene was so horrific, that...

(Hoogiman)..people had to put sunglasses on to blind themselves from the sight of the fat guy.

The fat guy said, "Ow!"

The people that didn't wear sunglasses were admitted to hospital for heart attacks.

"Luckily we were wearing sunglasses!" said the relieved spectators.

The fat guy sprayed the people wearing sunglasses with water.

"Aah!" said the people, wet.

All of the spectators' sunglasses fell off.

They looked at the fat bikini guy.

"NUUEZ!1" they all screamed, dying.

"Muahaha," said the evil fat bikini guy. "This is my evil plan! To blind other people with my horrific appearances! But something even more evil I plan on doing is..."

(Gooey) FART!" said the evil fat guy. Now there was nobody who could stop this man. And the man's side kick, Sonic, had the power that could...

(Hoogiman) ...exterminate Gooey's awful sense of immature humour. Gooey Died.

"Well, my real evil plan," said the guy in the bikini, "Is to..."

(Razzkat) STEAL THE INTARWEBZ!" He ate twenty pickles. He then turned to his evil minion, Pit, the l33t angel.

"Pit!" he screamed, eating a danish. "Make me a plan on how to steal the intarwebz!"

"Well...," Pit mused thoughtfully. "I guess first we would need...

(Fargus) "... Wario to kidnap Peach !" Pit exclaimed joyfully.

The guy in the bikini sweatdropped. "Isn't that Bowser's job?"

Pit rolled his eyes. "Eh, what's he gonna do?"

The two evil characters laughed evilly, when suddenly, out in the shadows was...

(ACT II) ... an evil, giant toaster!

It jumped into the air and landed on Pit, crushing him.

(Hoogiman) "NUUUEZ!1" said the fat guy.

"Hahaha, I am more evil than you! And I am taking your secret lair!" said the toaster,

"But first, I must kill you!"

"Ha, how will you kill me?" asked the fat guy.

"Er... I have fatty white toast sitting inside me at the moment!" said the toaster, laughing evilly.

"Must... resist!" said the fat guy.

The fat guy was about to resist, when the toaster jumped on him, crushing him to death.

"YAI!1" said the toaster. "Now my evil plan is to steal all of the wigs in the world!"

"NUUEZ!1" said Kirby, running into the secret lair. "You'll never do it, because..."

(ACT II)"... You don't know what a wig is!"

"Y-yes I do!" it said nervously...

(Hoogiman) Said the toaster nervously, "a wig is a... a... piece of flesh from a Wigglytuff!"

"Uh... yeah... of course, you're right," said Kirby, blatantly lying.

"K," said the toaster.

"But you know a good way of catching Wigglytuffs?" asked Kirby, licking his lips.

"How?" asked the toaster.

"I'll er... whisper it into your ear... so nobody else hears it..." said Kirby, hungry.

The toaster came closer to Kirby.

"The secret is..." said Kirby, licking his lips...

(Sir H. Friggs) "...they're made out of Chimechos, and they can be found with Wobbuffetts," Kirby said, smirking.

"And where do I find this...Chimecho and Wobbuffett?" the toaster asked.

Kirby chuckled. "Ever heard of Team Rocket?"

"No..." The toaster frowned.

Kirby sighed. "Fine, do you know Wario and Waluigi ?"

"What about them?" The toaster asked.

"Well, I know that Wario and Waluigi have aquaintinces with Team Rocket, but luckily for you, Wario and Waluigi are nearby."

"TELL ME WHERE Wario AND Waluigi ARE!"

Kirby laughed. "You want to know? Well, they're at..."

(Hoogiman) "...this particular place four metres to your left, in that friggin' giant converted bear trap into an oven," said Kirby. "Can I friggin' eat you already, giant toaster?"

The toaster glared angrily at Kirby.

"Er... what I meant to say is, the secret is in that bear trap slash oven," laughed Kirby unconvincingly.

"Oh!" said the evil toaster, hopping in.

The evil toaster got stuck in the bear trap, and was fried to death.

"YAYZ!1" said Kirby, about to eat the toaster.

"Kirby..." muttered the toaster in its last few words, "I have to tell you something..."

(Hoctor Doshi) "...I think Captain Falcon can pawn you..." The toaster muttered, dying.

Kirby frowned. "Aw, shucks. Captain Falcon is better than me. Wait, no he isn't! I'm

better than Link, Marth, and Roy combined! I am the ULTIMATE PUFFBALL!"

"YOU ARE NOT THE ULTIMATE PUFFBALL!" Jigglypuff angrily bellowed.

"Uh oh..." Kirby said in fear, "What are you going to do with me?"

Jigglypuff cackled evilly. "Young puffball, I'm going to..."

(Hoogiman) "...eat you, and eat everybody else ALIVE!!!!" screamed Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff did.

It was quite tasty.

The story ended.


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