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What is the Smash Mansion?

The Smash Mansion is a group of Nintendo fans, most of whom have had an association with Super Smash Brothers fan fiction at some time. There's a fansite component to the website, which was launched in April 2007 and we have a mix of quasi-serious and quasi-unserious Nintendo-related content.

The Owner: This site is owned by Hoogiman, an Australian whose sanity is slightly questionable. Known for his almost insane tweets,

The Forums: We have a medium-ish sized forum with about 20k posts in there and about 60 percent of it is pure nonsense, 20 percent of it random fanfiction-related nonsense and 20 percent hardcore nintendo fan things. We're not actually sure why the forum looks like that, but it's been like that since the start and we haven't changed it besides from the banners.

We also have a strange obsession with random word games, counting and integrating random emoticons with script format. Enjoy the site!

Contact us, complain, etc!

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If you want to submit fan material to this Nintendo Fansite, want your content removed for some reason, want to share links or... share your story about your harsh life as an exiled Nigerian prince, drop us a line at submissions@smashmansion.com!