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Welcome to the Smash Mansion! What is the Smash Mansion? We are a group of crazy people who have a surprisingly abnormal liking for Nintendo and Sonic Sez! Therefore we've set up this lovely Nintendo Fansite for your enjoyment and amusement?! We also seem to have a forum! (This tends to be the main component of our site... and yeah...) Enjoy!



New Videos!
25th January 2012

New videos in our M-Rated Videos section! Check it out!

Posted by Hoogiman

Redesign Coming!
24th January 2012

Oh noes it's 2012 and the world is going to end! Firstly check out our new partner showing how to pimp your wii and there's a redesign coming soon!

Posted by Hoogiman

E3 2010!
17th June 2010

With the E3 2010 Conference being big news, check out the first article in a series of three articles related to the E3 conference! What is it? What did Nintendo announce? Find out more about the E3 conference! Discuss the conference on our forums!

Also, if you've been checking out the E3 stuff, vote for your favourite announcement at the bottom of this page or on the polls page!

Posted by Hoogiman

Heapsa Big Update
27th March 2010

New video on our NSFW video page (which means, it's not suitable for people who are like, eight or younger... maybe...) entitled the "Legend of Link's Distractions!" Also, ask me anything on Formspring, the bar thingy on the left has had a bit of a reshuffle and I like cats. Become a Mansioner today!

Posted by Hoogiman
If you get really bored, you could read the news archive. But you'd have to be really bored; even we don't stoop that low.

Which Nintendo E3 Announcement are you most excited about?
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Mario Sports Mix
Sonic Colour
The 3DS!
Other Game
Comedy Option: HALO 23 for the microsoft computer!1
Wii Party (i will hunt you down if you click this one)
Comedy Option: BACON BACON BACON!1


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